Was the retired police chief’s death in a hit-and-run an unfortunate tragedy or a sinister act of disregard?

– Justice can be sought for the victim through the investigation of the hit-and-run incident.
– Raising awareness about hit-and-run cases may help prevent similar incidents in the future.
– The suspects being charged with murder may lead to a stronger punishment if found guilty.

– The retired police chief’s death is an unfortunate tragedy that has caused deep pain and suffering for the victim’s family.
– The alleged intentional hit-and-run suggests a sinister act of disregard and lack of empathy towards human life.
– The victim’s family is experiencing immense emotional turmoil due to the “cold and callous” nature of his death.

context: https://abcnews.go.com/US/retired-police-chief-killed-las-vegas-hit-and-run/story?id=103506086

Two teenagers are charged with murder in an alleged intentional hit-and-run incident. The victim’s family is devastated by the “cold and callous” nature of his death.