What are the benefits and drawbacks of Google hiding IPs in the Chrome browser?

1. Enhanced privacy: Hiding IPs in the Chrome browser can provide users with an added layer of privacy by making it more difficult for third parties to track their online activities.
2. Protection against targeted attacks: Concealing IPs can help mitigate the risk of targeted attacks, as it makes it harder for malicious actors to pinpoint specific users.
3. Anonymity: By hiding IPs, users can browse the internet more anonymously, reducing the chances of their personal information being exposed.
4. Preventing location-based restrictions: Concealing IPs can allow users to bypass location-based restrictions and access content that may be blocked in their region.
5. Anti-censorship measures: Hiding IPs can aid individuals in countries with strict internet censorship by making it harder for authorities to monitor their online activities.

1. Potential abuse: While hiding IPs can enhance privacy, it can also be abused by malicious actors to carry out illicit activities online without being easily traced.
2. Network troubleshooting: Concealing IPs can make it more challenging for network administrators to identify and resolve connectivity issues as the IP address acts as a crucial identifier.
3. Geolocation accuracy: Hiding IPs may lead to inaccuracies in geolocation services, affecting location-based features and services that rely on IP address information.
4. Incompatible services: Some online services may rely on collecting IP address information for legitimate purposes, and hiding IPs could potentially disrupt or render these services incompatible.
5. Limited protection: Hiding IPs does not provide complete anonymity or protection against all types of online tracking and surveillance methods. It is essential for users to remain cautious and employ additional security measures.

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A new feature called “IP Protection” is currently being tested by Google in the Chrome browser. This feature is designed to improve the privacy of users by hiding their IP addresses. Find out more on ReadWrite.