What are the factors contributing to the decline of the Great China Boom?

1. Increase in military power may enhance national security for China.
2. Focus on military power can deter potential threats and promote stability in the region.
3. Potential growth in defense industry can create job opportunities and stimulate the economy.
4. Development of military capabilities can strengthen China’s position in global politics.

1. Decline of economic growth may result in reduced business opportunities for US companies in China.
2. Shift in focus from economy to military power could strain diplomatic relations with other countries.
3. Diversion of resources from economic sectors may hinder long-term growth and development.
4. Heightened military power could increase tensions and raise concerns among neighboring nations.

context: https://www.businessinsider.com/china-xi-jinping-economy-real-estate-debt-bust-american-companies-2023-10

President Xi Jinping’s new focus on military power in China is causing concern for both US companies and the global community.