What are the implications of Digvijaya Singh’s contribution of ₹1.11 lakh for Ram Mandir construction?

1. Supports the construction of Ram Mandir, a significant religious symbol for many.
2. Showcases Digvijaya Singh’s commitment to the cause and potentially attracts support from like-minded individuals.
3. May help strengthen the bond between Congress and certain religious communities.

1. Raises questions about the separation of religion and politics, contradicting Singh’s statement on the prohibition of using religion in elections.
2. Could be seen as an attempt to gain political mileage or appease a certain voter base.
3. May create division and controversy surrounding the issue of religious contributions in politics.

context: https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/digvijaya-singh-ram-mandir-ayodhya-construction-donation-shivraj-singh-chouhan-madhya-pradesh-assembly-election-101698569499330.html

In a recent statement, Digvijaya Singh, a prominent Congress leader, highlighted the prohibition of using religion in elections. This news has caught the attention of the Indian public.