What are the implications of the suspect in the fatal shooting of a judge being found dead?

1. Closure: The discovery brings closure to the investigation, providing answers for the family of the judge and the community.
2. Safety: With the suspect no longer alive, there may be a decreased risk of further violence or harm to others.
3. Cost savings: The suspect’s death may save resources that would have been used for a trial, legal procedures, and incarceration.

1. Loss of information: With the suspect’s death, potential motives, accomplices, and other valuable information may be lost.
2. Justice denied: There won’t be an opportunity for the suspect to stand trial and be held accountable for their actions.
3. Impact on victims: The victims and their families may feel robbed of the chance to confront the suspect and seek justice.

context: https://www.cnn.com/us/maryland-judge-shooting-suspect-dead/index.html

Officials announced on Thursday that the individual suspected of fatally shooting a Maryland judge has been discovered deceased.