What are the reasons behind the popularity of VR stealth games on the Quest?

1. Immersive gameplay: VR stealth games allow players to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world, enhancing the overall gaming experience.
2. Realistic interactions: The use of hand controllers enables players to physically perform stealth actions like sneaking, hiding, and throwing objects, making the gameplay more believable.
3. Unique perspective: VR offers a first-person perspective, giving players a heightened sense of being the stealthy protagonist, enhancing the feeling of being stealthy and stealth games’ appeal.
4. Enhanced tension: The immersive nature of VR increases the tension and suspense in stealth games, as players are physically present in the game world and can feel a stronger connection to the character they are controlling.
5. Innovations in gameplay mechanics: Developers have been able to explore new gameplay mechanics specifically tailored for VR stealth games, taking advantage of the technology to offer fresh and unique experiences.

1. Motion sickness: VR can cause discomfort or motion sickness for some players, especially in games that involve rapid movement or require a lot of head turning and spatial awareness.
2. Limited game library: While developers have made significant progress in VR stealth games, the genre’s library is still relatively smaller compared to traditional gaming platforms, limiting the options available to players.
3. Hardware requirements: VR stealth games often require specific and sometimes expensive hardware, such as VR headsets and powerful gaming PCs, making them less accessible to some players.
4. Limited physical space: VR games may require players to have enough physical space to move around comfortably, which can be a challenge for those with limited space in their homes.
5. Learning curve: Mastering the mechanics of VR stealth games can take time and practice, as players need to adapt to the unique controls and interactions offered by VR technology.

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