What do the typeface trends of gentrification reveal?

Pros of typeface trends in gentrification:
1. Consistency: The use of specific typefaces creates a cohesive visual identity for gentrified areas.
2. Modern Appeal: Typeface trends can give a contemporary vibe, attracting new residents and businesses.
3. Legibility: Popular typefaces are often designed with readability in mind, ensuring clear communication.
4. Cultural Significance: Typeface choices can reflect the evolving cultural landscape of gentrified neighborhoods.

Cons of typeface trends in gentrification:
1. Lack of Originality: Overuse of certain typefaces can result in a lack of uniqueness and originality.
2. Stereotyping: Typeface trends may perpetuate stereotypes associated with gentrification, reinforcing divisions.
3. Exclusionary Effect: Exclusive or expensive typefaces can contribute to an elitist and exclusive atmosphere.
4. Homogenization: Typeface trends, when overused, can contribute to a loss of neighborhood character and diversity.

context: https://boingboing.net/2023/10/19/analyzing-the-typeface-trends-of-gentrification.html

Frida Garza at The Guardian delves into the visual appeal of gentrification, specifically focusing on the graphic design marketing tactics employed. One prevalent observation is the consistent use of Neutraface font in luxury condo developments. The article offers an interesting exploration of this trend.