What does the new law concerning Skittles in California actually state?

– Health benefits: The new law aims to reduce the intake of four food additives, promoting a healthier diet for Californians.
– Increased awareness: The law brings attention to the potential harmful effects of these additives and encourages consumers to make more informed choices.
– Potential reduction in health risks: By banning these additives, the law may help reduce the risk of certain health issues associated with their consumption.

– Limited options: The law may restrict the availability of certain products that contain these additives, limiting consumer choice.
– Potential resistance: Some individuals and companies may resist or challenge the new law, leading to legal battles or other complications.
– Disruption to businesses: Companies that relied heavily on products containing these additives may face challenges in reformulating their products to comply with the law.

context: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-67058928

A new state law has been implemented, prohibiting the use of four common food additives in popular beverages, cereals, and candies.