What draws readers to The Zone of Interest?

Pros of The Zone of Interest:

1. Offers a unique perspective on the Holocaust, focusing on the perspective of the commandant.
2. Provides a cold and unrelenting portrayal, adding to the realism of the subject matter.
3. Exposes the domestic rhythms that enabled the commandant to turn a blind eye to the true horrors.
4. Promotes discussions and reflections on the moral complexities surrounding this historical period.
5. Creates a sense of unease and discomfort, forcing audiences to confront the atrocities of the Holocaust.

Cons of The Zone of Interest:

1. Can be emotionally challenging and distressing due to its unrelenting portrayal of the Holocaust.
2. Its austere approach may make it a difficult film to emotionally connect with for some viewers.
3. The focus on the perspective of the commandant may be seen by some as morally problematic or divisive.
4. The subject matter may not appeal to everyone, as it deals with a dark and sensitive period in history.
5. The film’s style and pacing may be too slow or inaccessible for those seeking a more fast-paced or uplifting viewing experience.

context: https://www.theverge.com/23906668/zone-of-interest-review-nyff-jonathan-glazer

Jonathan Glazer’s powerful Holocaust film delves into the harsh world of Auschwitz’s commandant and the chilling domestic routines that blinded him to the horrors unfolding around him.