What impact will Israeli PM Netanyahu’s reaction to Hamas hostage deal reports have on the relationship with friend Biden?

– Netanyahu’s strong stance against Hamas may appease some hardline supporters in Israel.
– It could strengthen Netanyahu’s image as a tough leader willing to protect Israeli interests. – It may send a message of deterrence to Hamas and other militant groups.

– A hostile reaction could strain the relationship between Netanyahu and Biden. – It may complicate ongoing peace negotiations and efforts in the region.
– Escalating tensions might lead to a further deterioration of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

context: https://www.hindustantimes.com/world-news/israeli-pm-netanyahu-reacts-to-hamas-hostage-deal-reports-lauds-friend-joe-biden-101700352189920.html

Benjamin Netanyahu promises to eliminate Hamas following a devastating attack on October 7th, where 240 hostages were taken in Israel.