What makes the ‘Words that deserve wider use’ list by Word Warriors so intriguing?

– Provides a platform for neglected words to gain attention and recognition. – Raises awareness about the richness and diversity of language. – Encourages linguistic creativity and exploration.
– Can expand vocabulary and language skills.
– Sparks conversations and debates about words and their meanings. – Celebrates the beauty of lesser-known words.

– Some words may not have a practical use in everyday language. – Can be seen as pretentious or pedantic by some.
– May contribute to confusion or misunderstanding if unfamiliar words are used without context.
– Could lead to overuse or misuse of words for the sake of appearing intellectual. – Creates a divide between those who know the list and those who don’t. – May distract from more pressing language-related issues.

context: https://wordwarriors.wayne.edu/list

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