Which are the top contenders in the waterproof smartwatch market for 2023?

1. Allows for swimming and water activities without worrying about damage. 2. Enhanced durability and longevity due to water resistance. 3. Convenient for tracking water-based activities like swimming or snorkeling.
4. Provides peace of mind by protecting the watch from accidental water exposure. 5. Potential for improved safety features while engaging in water sports.

1. Limited selection of smartwatches with 5ATM water resistance. 2. Higher chance of condensation or moisture build-up in the watch.
3. Some water-resistant smartwatches may not be suitable for deep-water activities. 4. Possibility of reduced touch screen responsiveness when underwater.
5. Potential for false advertisement or varying degrees of water resistance among different brands/models.

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These smartwatches are 5ATM water-resistant, making them suitable for swimming and getting wet.