Which Country’s Dominance in AI Patents Will Bring Greater Benefits: China or the US?

Pros for China’s Dominance in AI Patents:
– China’s increased lead in AI patent filings showcases their determination to influence this cutting-edge technology.
– Greater Chinese dominance in AI patents could lead to technological advancements and innovations that benefit not only China but also other countries and economies.
– China’s strength in AI patents may encourage collaboration and competition, ultimately driving progress in the field.
– Chinese dominance in AI patents could create a more balanced global AI landscape, reducing the dominance of any single country.

Cons for China’s Dominance in AI Patents:
– A dominant position in AI patents by China may lead to concerns regarding intellectual property theft and unfair advantage.
– Exclusive access to AI patents held by China could limit access and hinder innovation in other countries.
– Greater Chinese dominance may lead to geopolitical tensions and intensified competition in AI research and development.
– China’s AI patent dominance could potentially result in a restricted flow of global knowledge and resources in the field.

context: https://yro.slashdot.org/story/23/10/24/1535256/china-widens-lead-over-us-in-ai-patents-after-beijing-tech-drive

China is solidifying its dominance in AI patents, surpassing the US and showcasing its commitment to steer the future of this influential technology. New data reveals that Chinese institutions have filed an increasing number of patent applications, signaling the country’s eagerness to shape and impact the global economy through AI innovation.