Which factors contribute to the support for Israel in Washington while denouncing antisemitism?

1. Demonstrating solidarity with Israel helps strengthen diplomatic ties between the U.S. and Israel.
2. Supporting Israel in its war against Hamas can be seen as a stance against terrorism.
3. Denouncing antisemitism sends a clear message against hatred and discrimination.
4. Demonstrations can raise awareness about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and promote dialogue.
5. Strong support for Israel can win political favor and support from influential pro-Israel groups.

1. Demonstrating support for Israel may be seen as overlooking or minimizing Palestinian suffering.
2. Critics may argue that the U.S. should remain neutral in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
3. Denouncing antisemitism could be perceived as ignoring other forms of discrimination.
4. Demonstrations can potentially escalate tensions between different communities in the U.S.
5. Some may argue that strong support for Israel perpetuates an imbalanced approach to the conflict.

context: https://www.reuters.com/world/us/demonstrators-gather-washington-back-israel-condemn-antisemitism-2023-11-14/

Tens of thousands of demonstrators assembled in Washington for the “March for Israel”, displaying solidarity with Israel during its conflict with Hamas and protesting against increased anti-Semitism. Participants voiced their support for the protection of Gaza hospitals and conveyed their condemnation of the growing instances of hate crimes against Jewish communities worldwide.