Which longshot candidates hold the potential to sway the 2024 election?

1. Increased choice: Longshot candidates provide voters with alternative options beyond the two major parties.
2. Fresh perspectives: Independent and third-party candidates often bring new ideas and perspectives to the political landscape.
3. Opportunity for change: Their inclusion in the election can inspire discussions about reforms and issues that are often overlooked.
4. Challenge the status quo: Longshot candidates may challenge the dominant parties and force them to address the concerns of a wider range of voters.

1. Vote splitting: The presence of longshot candidates may divide the electorate and potentially weaken movements or parties with similar ideologies.
2. Limited resources: Independent and third-party candidates often struggle to compete with the financial and organizational resources of major parties.
3. Lack of visibility: Longshot candidates may face difficulties in gaining media attention and getting their message across to a broader audience.
4. Unlikelihood of success: Historically, longshot candidates have faced significant challenges in winning elections due to limited support and visibility.

context: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-67383271

Independent and third-party candidates have the ability to divert voters from both the Democrats and Republicans.