Which methods are most effective for digitizing your notes?

1. Hand-writing your notes can enhance memory retention.
2. Writing by hand allows for personalized organization and formatting.
3. Hand-written notes provide a tactile experience, which some find helpful for learning. 4. Hand-written notes don’t require technology or power source.

1. Hand-written notes are not easily searchable or accessible on digital devices. 2. Physical notebooks can be lost, damaged, or forgotten.
3. Hand-writing can be slower and less efficient than digital methods.
4. Hand-written notes may lack the versatility and convenience of digital note-taking tools.

context: https://lifehacker.com/best-ways-digitize-notes-1850896868

Hand-written notes offer better retention of information, but come with drawbacks. They lack the convenience of being searchable on your phone and may not always be readily available for studying on the go.