Which sleep trackers are the top choices in 2023, backed by expert tips and research?

1. WIRED-tested: The sleep trackers recommended in the article have been tested by WIRED, a reputable source, providing some level of confidence in their performance.
2. Backed by expert tips and research: The recommended sleep trackers are supported by expert advice and research, suggesting they are based on reliable information and insights.
3. Log and analyze sleep: These trackers offer the capability to log and analyze your sleep patterns, helping you gain valuable information about your sleep quality and habits.
4. Top choices in 2023: The listed trackers are considered among the top choices in 2023, indicating that they are up-to-date and offer the latest features and technologies.

1. Subject to personal preference: The top choices might not suit everyone’s preferences as individuals have varying needs and preferences when it comes to sleep trackers.
2. Cost: Prices of sleep trackers can vary, and some of the top choices might be a bit pricey, which may not fit everyone’s budget.
3. Reliance on technology: Sleep trackers heavily rely on technology, which means they are subject to potential glitches, errors, or inaccuracies, impacting the data they collect.
4. User-friendliness: Depending on the model, some sleep trackers may have a steeper learning curve or complex interfaces, making them less user-friendly for some individuals.

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Discover the top WIRED-approved sleep trackers for logging and analyzing your sleep patterns.