Why is the Debate Over Online Apologies Stirred Up by TikTokers Lunden and Olivia Stallings?

– Raises awareness about accountability and public apologies – Promotes discussions on the consequences of online actions – Highlights the power and impact of social media influencers – Encourages learning and growth from past mistakes
– Could lead to a more empathetic and understanding online community

– Controversial subject can lead to polarization and hostility – May perpetuate online cancel culture and “pile-on” mentality – Exploitation of a sensitive topic for personal gain or attention – Overshadowing of other important issues and discussions
– Potential for online harassment and cyberbullying towards the couple

context: https://time.com/6322438/lunden-and-olivia-stallings-racist-tweets-apology/

Lunden and Olivia, a well-known lesbian couple on TikTok, faced backlash when their racist tweets resurfaced. The online community engaged in heated discussions about the appropriate way to apologize amidst the controversy.