Why is the FDA approving an AI product that predicts cognitive decline?

– The AI product has the potential to accurately predict cognitive decline, which can help individuals receive early intervention and treatment.
– It can provide valuable insights into brain health and potentially assist in developing better strategies for preventing cognitive decline.
– The approval of this AI product showcases advancements in technology and the potential for innovative healthcare solutions.

– There may be concerns about the accuracy and reliability of the AI software in predicting cognitive decline.
– The reliance on AI technology for diagnosing and predicting medical conditions raises ethical and privacy concerns.
– There could be potential misuse or misinterpretation of the predictions, leading to unnecessary stress or anxiety for individuals.

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The US government has given approval to a San Francisco-based company, Darmiyan, for their AI-based memory loss prediction software. The FDA granted De Novo approval to the product, known as BrainSee. This software platform uses brain imaging analytics to provide accurate predictions.