Why is the Galaxy Z Fold 5 outmatched by the OnePlus Open and OPPO Pen?

Pros for Galaxy Z Fold 5:
– Innovative foldable design
– Large display for enhanced productivity
– Ample screen real estate for multitasking

Cons for Galaxy Z Fold 5:
– Potentially fragile foldable screen
– Expensive price tag
– Limited app optimization for foldable devices

Pros for OnePlus Open:
– Exceptional performance and speed
– High-quality display
– Excellent value for money

Cons for OnePlus Open:
– Lack of dedicated OnePlus Pen
– Limited availability and market reach
– Potentially less brand recognition compared to other flagship devices

Pros for OPPO Pen:
– Enhances productivity and creativity
– Synchronizes seamlessly with OPPO devices
– Smooth and accurate writing experience

Cons for OPPO Pen:
– Limited compatibility with non-OPPO devices
– Might not have all the features and capabilities of its competitors – Possible high price point for an accessory

context: https://www.androidcentral.com/accessories/using-oppo-pen-with-oneplus-open

Upon acquiring the OPPO Pen, it solidifies the OnePlus Open as the top smartphone of the year. However, it’s regrettable that there is no exclusive OnePlus Pen available.