Why is this woman being offered a new car after her Stanley cup survived a car fire?

1. Free marketing for the insulated bottle brand due to the cup’s survival in a car fire. 2. Positive association between the brand and durability.
3. Increased visibility and awareness of the brand.
4. Potential for widespread media coverage.
5. Opportunity to generate buzz and engage with consumers.

1. Potential criticism for promoting materialistic rewards for a fortunate incident.
2. Possibility of creating unrealistic expectations for other customers in similar situations. 3. Perception of exploiting a personal misfortune for commercial gain. 4. Costs associated with offering a new car as compensation.
5. Potential negative reactions from individuals who believe the reward is excessive or inappropriate.

context: https://www.businessinsider.com/woman-cup-survived-car-fire-offered-new-car-bottle-brand-2023-11

An unlikely marketing opportunity unfolds as an ice-filled cup emerges unscathed from a blazing fire, providing unparalleled exposure for an insulated bottle brand.