Why Was the New Hampshire Hospital Victim Shot Multiple Times? Unveiling the Suspect’s Identity


– Information on the suspect’s identity provides closure and a sense of justice for the victim and their loved ones.
– Unveiling the suspect’s identity can lead to a better understanding of the motive behind the shooting.
– Knowing the suspect’s identity may help law enforcement in preventing future incidents or apprehending other potential suspects.


– Discussing the suspect’s identity may potentially glorify their actions or encourage copycats.
– Publicizing details about the suspect’s identity could harm innocent individuals who happen to share the same name or characteristics.
– In some cases, prematurely releasing the suspect’s identity may hinder the ongoing investigation by alerting them and giving them an opportunity to escape or tamper with evidence.

context: https://www.wmur.com/article/new-hampshire-hospital-shooting-suspect-111823/45881767

Officials with the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Office have identified the victim of a shooting at New Hampshire Hospital in Concord. The incident occurred on Friday afternoon.