Will Nadeshiko Japan’s starting lineup for their first Olympic qualifying match against India bring victory? Hasegawa, Tanaka, Kumagai, and more announced!

1. Hasegawa, Tanaka, Kumagai, and the other players in the starting lineup have proven their skills and experience.
2. The lineup includes a mix of talented players who are adept at scoring goals and defending.
3. Nadeshiko Japan has a strong track record and has previously achieved success in international tournaments.
4. The players’ announcement creates excitement and anticipation for the upcoming match.
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1. The outcome of a match is influenced by various factors, and the starting lineup alone may not guarantee victory.
2. India, the opponent in the first Olympic qualifying match, may pose unexpected challenges.
3. Injuries or unexpected circumstances could hinder the performance of the announced players.
4. Soccer matches can be unpredictable, and even the strongest teams can face unexpected setbacks.
5. Reliance on one news source may limit exposure to different perspectives and coverage of other teams or leagues.

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