Will the EU Antitrust Probe Thwart the $20B Adobe-Figma Deal?

– The EU antitrust probe ensures competition in the market, preventing monopolies. – It protects consumer rights and promotes fair pricing.
– The investigation ensures compliance with antitrust regulations. – It encourages innovation by preventing consolidation of power. – The probe may lead to more transparency in the acquisition process.

– The investigation can cause delays in the acquisition process. – It may create uncertainty for both Adobe and Figma.
– The deal could be blocked or conditioned, impacting the companies’ strategies. – The probe could lead to additional costs for legal representation.
– The investigation may divert resources and attention from other business initiatives.

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EU antitrust regulators have reignited their inquiry into Adobe’s planned purchase of online design platform Figma, a deal valued at $20 billion. The investigation has resumed after a pause, signaling ongoing scrutiny of the proposed merger.