Will the House GOP’s two-step plan successfully avert a government shutdown?

– Provides a clear and structured approach to funding the government, which can help avoid any last-minute budget crises.
– Allows for a more measured and deliberate decision-making process, as it involves multiple steps and deliberations.
– Offers the opportunity for Republicans to negotiate and have their priorities addressed in the funding process.

– The two-step plan may create delays and prolong the process of funding the government, potentially increasing uncertainty and disrupting essential services.
– There is a risk of political maneuvering and gridlock, as each step of the plan may become a point of contention and disagreement.
– The plan might not address the concerns and priorities of all parties involved, potentially undermining its effectiveness in averting a government shutdown.

context: https://www.cnn.com/2023/11/11/politics/house-speaker-mike-johnson-pitches/index.html

CNN has learned that House Republicans are currently working on a two-part strategy to secure government funding, according to three reliable sources.